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Have you ever said this feels like DEJA VU?

If so you're dead already. If you've experienced Deja vu, you accidently died in simulation, and you are now time-traveling through space during REM4. Rationalizing what you just read will only confuse your intellect. Messina will discuss this proven theory through the sun, sleep and the computer. Things will never be the same for you! Your mission has already begun. Hasn't it?



Messier 87 Galaxy


PART ONE: SLEEP? I died in a simulated reality. Good Morning Deja vu

[13:23 pm Wed - Kyle ruby

June 23, 1e+27

The others call her Triangulum from ashtar galactic command. This would be her 407th trip to the 3rd planet, from the sun for constellation observation. I miss the earth, I miss my life. It's lonely in galaxy space.

During the day and night, my body departs from my soul . While dreaming I died in simulation while flying, but I am awaken during REM 4. I am also here against my will.

As We time travel 53.49 million light years away from earth to Messier 87 Galaxy, my awaken-self will patiently wait for my dead self to switch places, and hopefully be sent back to earth for interplanetary trading.

I feel asleep. Earth was spinning faster each day toward it's own BLACK HOLE millions of earths years ago. I am naive to think it still exist.

My last day on earth was Dec.30th 2019. Today is June 23, 1e+27 President Trump is our current US President, RIGHT?. Here are my current Coordinates: RA 1h 33m 50s | Dec +30° 39′ 37″

yesterday we re-visited March 13, 1997 through Messier 87 black hole


Part Two: We landed on the Earth's SUN

04:03 am Sat - Kyle ruby

Triangulum never lied to me, until today. Marilyn was actually sent by REDSHIFT 7, to spy on Apollo program and was killed in action. Triangulum also said president 35 was about to re-load the motor cage in dallas, Tx from the 63rd dimension and the "others" needed to intercept his trajectory.

"Marilyn failed. We are on the Sun's crust, Mr. Ruby. Your 27th past generation great uncle has just finished breakfast. We are not to see President 35 for another 90,000 space years" Triangulum said in a low tone.

"He was the last to try communication". I thought we were suppose to land in Colorado Springs, my home, I don't care who the 35th president of Dallas from the 63rd dimension is. Why do I care who my 27th generation great uncle is? What does this all have to do with me ANYWAY? "Your 27th great uncle changed the course of interstellar travel, Mr. Ruby". Earth is planning for an interplanetary war.


Part Three: Computers are lying

0800 am Tues - Kyle Ruby

Today is June 30, 1e+27

Where were you while we were getting high, Triangulum? "On planet Earth, the Sun governs humans existence, all the dead humans live within the SUN", replied Triangulum. Jesus you mean? "Time on earth is time-stamped at the end of each day, like computer logs, so humans could alter moments for the betterment of it's race. Humans are the only primitive culture left. You're Sun is our focal.

Object Galaxy | Giphy pictures

President 16, 35 and the drum major for justice didn't originate from Earth's Sun. We sent them from Mayall's Object Galaxy [450 million miles away from earth] to fix Earth's future.

We sent messages through you're hip-hop from 1994-1996. The best dead rappers were ready to die and told you to keep ya head up. We sent Beatles that proclaimed, she loves you. Your king of rock-n-roll said don't be cruel. The moonwalker healed the world. We gave you our prince, and he produced purple rain, but humans altered their mission on earth. We sent them back.

Our entertainers and politicians graced your hollywood pictures to promote our cause, Mr. Ruby. They all returned to Tadpole Galaxy after their mission was complete. A galaxy 420 million light years away from earth.

President 35 distributed our mission statement: this new ocean will be a sea of peace, or a terrifying theater of war. We are interested in trading space science, like nuclear science and all technology. We are not interested in interplanetary war. There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in our outer space as yet". -1963

  • Humans can return to the past or visit future dates and correct their nuclear mistakes or advance medicine.

  • Humans have missed to receive our roswell signal. Through wormhole 547 ± 5 km/‎s centaurus A off Saturn's gravitational pull.

  • Humans can duplicate speed shrinkage but humans are not as advanced as our people until the 10th millennium

  • Humans will receive another signal July 2, 2019. ACTUALLY sent July 2. 3019 from Fornax Dwarf Galaxy



  1. What is July, 2 2019?

  2. what is REM 4

  3. what is Messier 87 Galaxy?

  4. who is Triangulum

  5. who is the 35 president of Dallas?

  6. what is apollo program?

  7. where is tadpole galaxy?

  8. what is deja vu?

  9. who is the moonwalker?

  10. who is king of rock and roll?

  11. who is drum major for justice?

  12. who are the beatles?

  13. what is purple rain

  14. what is a light year?

  15. what is fornax dwarf galaxy?

  16. what is 1e+27?

Title: Your Dead Already 1, 2 and 3

Story by: MessinaTheProducer

Publisher: Pink Pussy Music


Description: Humans are not alive. We are living in simulation reality. Once Deja Vu enters our

conscious, we have begun the process of interstellar travel to bring back new medicines, cures for diseases, and formulas for TIME travel. One has to be dead to space travel through REM4 at 186,000 mi/sec. Beware of Triangulum, she has a strong gravitational pull that might orbit you 20,000 years into the past.

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