Updated: Jun 3, 2020

UPDATE ALL OFFICERS CHARGED. Florida Protest Atlanta Protest Los Angeles Protest watch it LIVE


George Floyd can't breathe anymore. Officer Derek Shauvin's knee was said to be the murder weapon used to kill GeorgeFloyd. He has now been CHARGED WITH 2nd DEGREE MURDER and ALL OFFICERS NOW CHARGED! Minnesota America is under PROTEST. Black Activist Killer Mike offered a spectacular peace speech to Atlanta, "stop burning down your homes". Beyonce took to Instagram in sweet disgust.

Minnesota La county Santa Monica Fairfax Longbeach and just about every city in America is also under protest. The National Guard will be locking protestors up for unlawful assembly. Tell abc7 how you protest at Watch La Riots and protest Denver Protest Miami Protest and Minnesota protest LIVE 25/7 coverage. The media is focusing on the "LOOTING" so be aware.


City: Bradenton

Bradenton, Fl a courageous white female protestor rallies a group of African Americans to speak their opinions to a police officer. Overwhelmed, the officer backs away from persistent protestors. A peaceful protest here in Bradenton, Fl although some traffic was held up no injuries were reported.

image by MessinaTheProducer
White Girl Leads Rally On Cops Bradenton, Fl

see more pictures of this peaceful protestor who truly exercised her 1st amendment right.


(CBSMIAMI) Peaceful protest in Miami turns violent with tear gas car fires and looting. Protestors are doing some of the things seen in the Fairfax lootings in Los Angles. Miami was one of the first cities holding protests in Florida. Tampa Fl had its own protest at the University Mall where agitators attempted to gain access to some high-end stores. At^T experienced looting off Fowler in Tampa Bay home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


City: Atlanta

Rapper turned civil rights activist KILLER MIKE, one of Atlanta's premier black activists and T.I's former artist talks about protestors refraining from burning their own homes and business over a LIVE NEWS BROADCAST out of Atl. His barbershop was hot up and two people were shot at his barbershop authorities reported. Killer Mike starts the conference off with a mild-mannered tone

Strip malls turned inside out and many high-end stores were cleaned out. Black female Mayor Kesha Bottoms asked for peaceful protest and wanted individuals to express their views. 3000 National Guards has been deployed in metro Atlanta by Centennial Park. Tear gas along with rubber bullets is being administered by the Military. Curfew starts at 9 PM

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TEXAS [just added]

City: Houston

FOX26 Houston native Beyonce used her power on Instagram to ask her millions of followers to sign a petition for#justiceforgeorgefloyd. Ophra, Jamie Fox, and Gayle King also gave compelling speeches to the nation. Beyonce addressed every person of color while Ophra is working towards dismantling the systemic racially charged justice system. Jamie Fox created a collage of all the black men and women mured by the police.

Crys for justice were heard in every state but Texas had a 60,000 turn out for a peaceful protest. More than 200 arrests were made after the peaceful protest. The arrest was made after officers requested protesters to leave and clear the streets.

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