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Updated: Aug 31, 2020


Covid can't stop the 2020 MTV Awards Show hosted by Keke Palmer. But for the first time ever, MTV will broadcast its live stream to the CW Networks and 11 other stations while Viacom will offer a 24 hr. FREE pass via its MTV website, which is located under the cable providers section. Paramount Network has just been added to the lineup and will broadcast a live aired concert.

The star packed awards show will feature performances by some of today's biggest names in the music industry. Get ready for Lady Gaga, BTS, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Black Eyed Peas, Doja Cat, DaBaby, Maluma, CNCO and many many more.

Tik Tok was even mentioned for assisting with the song of the year. Nominees are Doja Roddy Gaga Stallion Post and the VMA goes to Grande and GaGa. Don't eat the California roll if you're serious about your music career. BTS followed Gaga amazing award speech

Major Music Moves

Major media giant Viacom, made a quick decision this week to air the VMA's on the Cw network which will prove great for advertisers. Viacom owns Nickelodeon BET CbS CW MTV and a host of other television networks.

So the CW would be a good look as it seeks to pull a similar young audience to MTV. Recently, Nick Cannon's show from MTV Wild n' Out was canceled by Viacom due to anti-Semitic expressions in his podcast show.

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Where 2 Watch MTV 2020 Awards Show

Watch the MTV 2020 awards here. Find the cable providers section and proceed to the 24 hr. pass below the providers section.


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New York | VMAS2020


Taylor Swift wins best director, Justin Bieber wins best ATHOME music video. MKG changes his sound to Thug pop, Lady GaGa made it rain down with Grande then jumped on a crazy piano, BTS wins best pop song, best r b goes to blinding lights THE WEEKEND Lady GaGa wins Artist Of The Year, the weekend winds video of the year and says black lives matter the show ended with the black eye peas.



In 2019 Lil Nas X blew the roof off the VMA's with his futuristic performance of "Panini". What was your most remembered VMA moment? Was it the Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley furry? Or the Brittany Spears Gigantic snack snake fiasco? Whatever your favorite VMA moment was here are some of the most favored video music awards moments chosen by you, the fans!

The Joanas Brothers performed their smash hits "sucker" & "only" at the famous Stone Pony 2019 MYV Awards Show. The trio brisker through a crowd of fans towards the stage while they sang in perfect harmony. This group is the new Beatles!

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The iconic American artist also know as Brittany Spears performed at the 2001 VMA's with a massive slithering

Burmese python. "Im A Slave For You" blasted through the arena speakers while the whole world watching stopped! Well what can you say, its Brittany Bitch!!

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