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Spotify list of curators bloggers music reviewers

Updated: Jul 24

Spotify list of curators bloggers music reviewers. Get your music on Spotify Playlists. Find music bloggers on MusoSoup or get your music written about online or in magazines. Check out our list of the best Spotify music playlists curators, bloggers, and reviewers of music videos, albums, and songs updated weekly, below.

Spotify curator America Music Group
Spotify Playlist Cover Latino Top !0

Spotify list of curators bloggers music reviewers

Use our list of Spotify Curators and song reviewers who may like your music or music video to share with their listeners and followers.


Musosoup is the Alpha Omega Protocol for artists seeking Spotify playlists and music reviews. Submit music to the best blogs, playlists and curators on the planet. Check out our Campaign on the platform and you'll quickly want to submit your music. If accepted, you'll pay the $30 fee to join, but it's totally worth your investment if you're serious about getting exposure. American Dookie by LiL Xuzki is getting 20-30 pitches a day to have his music playlisted or reviewed by curators. All of the creators listed are from MusoSoup except our own Playlistfy. Visit MusoSoup to learn more!

Punk Head

Punk Head is an awesome Spotify submission service and blog dedicated to music by Katrina Yang. Punk Head accepts all genres of music and they Claim to have a 3.1M reach. Our song American Dookie was playlisted on their Spotify playlist for New Music Friday and is seeing much better reviews and engagement. Are you a Punk Head? Visit Punk Head to submit your music today!


Playlistola is our own Playlists service we offer to our signed artists and our subscribers or fans looking to promote their music and albums. In addition to Playlistola, we also deployed our own music tv advertising service for artists and labels to promote and monetize their content on called Visit our website to find out more and get your music into streaming stratosphere.


Artisti Online digs American Dookie by LiL Xuzki. Artisti is a futuristic platform that updates daily with new music articles and blog posts that inspire and enhance your artistic ability to create new experiences with your audience. Not only were we Playlisted on their Spotify playlist, we hope they follow our artists in the future for more exposure. Get your music on their Tv channel today!

Pop Songs For Parties! The powerful Pophits service supports artists and playlist artists music on Spotify. Their website even has a free music distribution option. Since our song American Dookie was as added to their collection of music, pop songs for artists playlist, we've seen an increase in views, likes, and subscribers on LiL Xuzki's dashboard of analytics. Check out Pophits now!

ALLEN PETERSON REVIEWS Connect and groove with the latest music trends! The Allen Peterson Reviews can catapult your songs. This website and playlist service sent our song American Dookie to the top of their "Sunset Serenade" playlist on Spotify. The playlist has over 100 saves and is growing daily. We recommend using the Allen Peterson Review service. Visit their website to learn more.

Music For All

Music For All delivers a great playlist and vibrant write-ups about the artists they promote. The price is affordable or they have a free tier which can also help you gain more followers. You can find our submission here to see what type of experience Music For All can provide for your label, publishing company, or your artists. Learn more about Music For All!


Everyone had lessthan1000followers before they were superstars, right? The Chief gets the job done! We teamed up with JPGChief for our Tiktok promo to be placed on their network and community of followers. The Chief also added our artist Lil Xuzki to several of their playlists on Spotify for maximum exposure. The website is easy to navigate and we like the Female Rising Artists section. Visit lessthan1000followers today.

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