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Request Your Free Spotify Songwriters Page

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Spotify cares about songwriting. That's why Spotify created the Spotify Songwriters page (beta) for publishers and artists. With the songwriters page dashboard, "Written By” playlists link back to your songwriter pages for easier discovery. The songwriter and fan can view the songs written. Album covers are shown. The number of songs written is displayed by said writer. The Spotify songwriter page is helpful to labels, publishers and artists but mostly its helpful the fans

With this new Spotify feature, songwriters and composers have the opportunity to earn extra income. One word. Exposure. Record labels and writer collaborations could come knocking at your email address simply because they loved your last record you wrote, and also because they have the access to the proper writer credits, thanks to Spotify Songwriters page.

In 2018, Spotify saw a 60% increase in how labels and publishers interacted with the service. Currently, the platform is designed for publishers and selected artists but don't worry, Indie artist will have the chance to claim their songwriter page upon Spotify songwriter request page.

Beep Beep who got the... Missy Elliot has three-hundred thirty three songs written, says Spotify songwriter credit machine thingy. If Missy Elliot can have an artist page, so can you! Missy Elliot's Spotify songwriters page is already up and responsive. Give it up, she gone show you a party!

The Spotify songwriter page is in beta stage but currently accepts songwriter page request. If you are a songwriter, you should request your own songwriter page. Here are some early designed Spotify songwriter pages. Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Missy Elliott, Teddy Geiger, Ben Billions and Justin Tranter

Request your Spotify songwriter page

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