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Register your own VEVO channel like LiLXuzkiVEVO and get your 1st video upload free.

Polylantic Recordings has secured the best VEVO distribution partner in the game. Our division successfully distributed LiL Xuzki's video Uber Eats Everywhere on the world's biggest video platform VEVO. Now you, as an indie artist can upload your video for distribution on VEVO and secure your spot in the music business.


  1. Register and pay for your CHANNEL name... example LiLXuzkiVEVO, YourNameVEVO

  2. Once paid you'll receive an email that your channel has been set up. Then, You will submit your music and info onto a google docs form.

  3. Next when your channel has been set up and is live on Youtube, you will submit your channel profile and your channel art designs through email and the team will upload your art to your new VEVO channel.

  4. Live! Your music video is live on Youtube

  • No Worries! Youtube might take 1-3 days to change your Profile picture, so whatever your artist name is, your profile will be just a "letter" until the Youtube VEVO team catches up with the uploads. When we set up LilXuzkiVEVO, his profile picture was "L" but after a few days the upload picture changed to the correct image.

  • Youtube will have the correct Channel Art uploaded and this won't take any time like the profile picture did.


The video thumbnail and profile picture must adhere with VEVO guidelines

  • 1920 x 1080 VIDEO THUMBNAIL cannot include any social media links including logos and it must be a shot from your actual video

1920 x 1080 VEVO video thumbnail
  • 5000 x 5000 max or 1000 x 1000 pixels PROFILE PIC must be press photos of artists at high resolution with no text

5000 x 5000 VEVO profile pic LiLXuzkiVEVO
  • 2560 x 1440 pixels BANNER IMAGE or CHANNEL ART must be able to fit all screens tvs, mobile, tablets

  • If you include any logos or text on your banner art, it should be centered in the middle to be shown on all screens

2560 x 1440 VEVO channel art


Here you can choose which provider/price is best for you

We have two VEVO distributors that we have at our disposal to set up your VEVO channel as we are affiliates and may earn a commission when you sign up. There are two prices artists can choose from also. We paid for our $49 channel on Friday, and the following monday, the team had it set up on VEVO. We have yet to try our other distributor at $99 but they are an official vevo global partner.


REGISTER VEVO CHANNEL $99 KEEP 100% Royalties - VEVO partner

visit LiLXuzkiVEVO

and see how your next big hit can be on the world's largest network of music channels

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