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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Pre-roll in-stream video monetization ad.

Monetization for everyone. Bloggers, artists, website owners, video companies and gamers are you looking to monetize their video and website content to maximize your profits.? Find it hard to meet the requirements? Montzely is the answer! We help find the companies geared towards real creators with little traffic. The global data monetization market was valued at USD 1.26 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 3.12 Billion by 2026, Are you getting your share of the monetization market? Do you create content? We can help! Sign-up with Exoclick Today!

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Today we wanted to talk to you about an advertising company called Exoclick. Exoclick is the 4th largest advertising company in the world and is here for you to monetize your website traffic your videos and music worldwide while boosting your payouts. So what does monetize mean?

Monetization is the process of earning revenue from an asset business etc...


  • VAST - Video Ad Serving Template

  • Universal XML schema for serving ads to digital video players.

  • Flash and HTML5 compatibility.

  • Configurable Skip button.

  • Works with any popular video player

  • Monetize videos

  • CPV cost per visitor

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AMG Montzely / Consultation - What is Montzely? We are a consultant team that provides assistance to creators that are looking to monetize their online content. Need assistance showing ads over your own homemade videos? Want to show ads over your new Music Single and earn extra revenue? We can help! We only accept donations as we don't charge a set price because we are a start-up. CONTACT US TODAY Email America Music Group Montzely




  • Entertainment/music/film

  • Dating

  • Fashion

  • Hair

  • Health

  • Sports

  • Gaming

  • Finance

  • Video Companies

  • Casino/gambling

  • Adult

  • + Many More Industries

Works with all major video players and automatically plays when a consumer clicks on a website's video content. Customizable with clickable calls to action. CPV based, this format has a very high conversion rate. CPV (Cost Per Visitor) is an online advertising payment model where advertisers pay for the delivery of a targeted visitor to the advertiser's website, meaning the publisher is only paid when a user goes to a website (or blog or form, etc.)

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Use Adsense & Exoclick

  • Exclick is compatible with Google ADSENSE

  • Exoclick provides feedback dealing with HTML issues

  • Exoclick, like Youtube, will use pre-roll, mid or post ads throughout the video to maximize revenue for its copyright holders


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