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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

pix created by messina & Mika unsplash
Lil xuzki first single Gucci On My Belt

Lil xuzki [x.zoo.key] is an American artist singed by messinaTheProducer for pink pussy music publishing.

Gucci On My Belt 1 will be his first debut to the trap/rap scene. Gucci On My Belt [REMIX] will appear on i trap in color by MessinaTheProducer. Cover from Mika unsplash designed by Messina

Lil xuzki music is similar to Yung Thug, Future, Lil Pump, Rich Homie, Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, Lil uzi vert and a host of other southern trap artist. Messina choose to release the single on Musiccoin, a new Blockchain service that pays artist higher royalties than standard streaming platforms on a pay-per-play model. If you can't listen to Lil xuzki's new single, don't worry, Gucci On My Belt REMIX will appear on i Trap iN cOLOR Feburary 2019.

Lil xuzki was discovered by messinatheproducer in Atlanta, Ga while the two were waiting for Florida airline flights.

FUN FACT: Lil xuzki's artist name was actually created by messina after learning about the trap artist love for dangerous dirt bikes.

Messina humorously stated that it took an exhausting three days to create the artist name Lil xuzki. Not because messina was to busy, it may have been the fact that it's 8,000 other "LiL" artist names out there. That's how the game LIL RAPPER NAME GAME was created. Formally know as Lil ocd, the new prince of pink music, Lil xuzki feels he's got what it takes to take the label into the future & beyond.

At the end of the day, when the sun goes down, what matters is numbers, because numbers don't lie. I'm patiently waiting to see if this new artist Lil xuzki can build up a strong enough fan base to reach his optimistic goals, to be the top trap rapper in the southern region. Will Lil xuzki gain enough exposure on Spotify for the Majors to notice, or is he just another Lil over-night trap rapper?



When you search GOOGLE/soundcloud to try and create a new Lil rap name , it's almost an impossible task! Good thing about Google is that Google will immediately show you verified [MUSICAL ARTIST] pages. There are over 8,000 artist ON SPOTIFY with the prefix OF LiL and there are a lot more rapping around on soundcloud.

So we tried this fun, LIL RAPPER NAME GAME in BETA stage and when we found a name that fit, we were stunned! Someone had beat us to the name already.

We tried colors, animals, plants, insects you name it. Unfortunately, Lil Poopy was already taken so you can skip that search and save ur time. Most [new] Lil rappers upload to soundcloud first, so that is where you will check if an artist has already taken your idea. Never duplicate an artist name. Common Lil Names already taken are [Lil Kim...Lil Wayne...Lil Jetski...Lil Baby...Lil Boat...Lil Boosie] #lilwayne #lilpump #messinatheproducer #lilboat #lilxuzki #liljetski #lilmegadon #lilboosie #lilpeep #lilkim #lilbiscayne #lilpacrat #lilyachty


  1. You must only use ONE word before your prefix word example... Lil "artist" ..words like Skateboard or Football work b/c they are compound words

  2. Next, try "soundcloud" at the end of search exp...Lil "artist" soundcloud.. to check usage

  3. You beat the game? NOT! You then need to put "Spotify","itunes" or "Youtube" at end of search exp...Lil "artist" spotify to check if no one has already used that name

  4. Your name must be somewhat real NOT "Lil qwertyuiop" or "Lil 123456789" c'mon that's 2 easy and will get skipped over by listeners on most music platforms

  5. Congratulations you won(: CLAIM your name on Soundcloud or Spotify or sell it to an upcoming artist or use it for yourself on signed artist like messina did

  6. MONETIZE on Soundcloud for [FREE] use code 2f748c5a

Start With These Ideas!

  • your last meal for a name? Lil Taco? Lil Peanut? Lil Burger?

  • your favorite basketball player for a name? Lil Jordan? Lil Bird? Lil Bron?

  • type in words that come to mind like "shoe" which is associated with sock, strings, foot, heel ect...

Use Google Dictionary!

  • after about 3 minutes of finding out every letter in the alphabet has been used you'll want to rely on your good ole dictionary

  • avoid dull words like transistors

  • if you suffer from mental illness these terms are not being used so much

3 [Free] UNUSED LiL Names On Us For Playing

[just say where you got your name from]

  • Lil Megadon [crowd favorite]

  • lil pacrat

  • Lil Biscayne [Miami Fav]


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