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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

MessinaTheProducer strips down his pride and bares all on his new record, "I'm Lonely", reminding us of Future's , "Love & Affection", or Khalid's "Location" This record sheds light on being surrounded by crowds of people but feeling like the only one standing in the room. Messina says he plans to change the tittle to "igq" i got questions. Watch VIDEO or listen below.

The song itself is pretty different having no drum percussion, only bass and a b flat chord for the vocals. The producer says he recorded the vocals sitting in his 1984 Buick Lesabre. The vocals were left intact just as he recorded them, the push of the bass drives the emotion being displaced. Genius!

Messina intros the song by telling us he's alone but he doesn't want to be! A sure call for help. Possibly, the producer was in a relationship of some sort that ended bad? Or, Did Messina witness someone go through a terrible breakup? I'm totally assuming this is what made this track come together but whatever it was, Messina draws a pretty descriptive image of loneliness.

When I sat down with the producer and asked him about what inspired this song, I received a pretty interesting answer.

I Courageously explained how i thought the majority of his past songs were mediocre, just ok, and how those songs didn't have any emotion built into them.

Alternatively, with this new record, i'm wrong! It's therapy for the soul and quite radio friendly. One issue i have with the song would be the 1:23 sec mark. I just needed more clarity.

"To make good songs you need to somewhat be involved in the process" says messina, "but to make great songs, you need to be totally immersed in every part of the making of that song". I asked for an explanation of what it meant being "totally" immersed in the process of a song..



Q: So, MessinaTheProducer, What does being immersed in a song actually mean?

A: You need to have the experience. People respect experience. really great memorable songs come from real life experiences

Q: Why are you putting this out? Doesn't it seem desperate?

A: Lol. my neighbor is lonely, your girlfriend is 6 weeks into a divorce, were all a little lonely at the end of the day. I didn't mean to relate, i just wanted my feelings exported.

Q: Well, are you still lonely?

A: Once this song came out my phone and emails have been bombarded with strange people. Maybe its b/c my publicist gave out my cell number or there are a lot of lonely people out there

Q: Your publicist gave out your number? Why? That's insane!

A: For a reason beyond my knowledge and she insists that i share it wherever for exposure! New marketing i guess. She said to me, if you're lonely, make friends!

Q: Are you still giving your number to new fans? Hows it going?

A: Publicist knows best! Yes. My fan line is open but fans please text first. let me and my team know if you like this record! Talk to me about your alone moments. No artist has ever gone this far to connect with people that need a, "hey, tomorrows going to be your day"! A lot of us are hurting inside and we just could use a shoulder to lean on. "Put the number to the hot-line for depression under my name and when i get too busy with this song ima direct my fans to the hot-line. Straight"?

Q: Done! Not an issue

For emotional listening support 24 hours a day call

1-800-932-4616 (Toll Free)


DESKTOP VIDEO OR MOBILE VIDEO BELOW[minimize pop-up to play video]




Photo by toa heftiba

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