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Play Holy Thrill Zombies the new free shooting zombie video game by messinaTheProducer. The city of Holyville will never be the Same again! Zombies have taken over the banks, schools and hospitals. Blast your way through these blood thirsty zombies and help the city of Holyville regain its independence from the Holy Thrill Zombies!


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StoryLine The Holy Thrill Zombies

The city of Holyville will never be the same again! Around the time Mc hammer pants were in, Holyville was functioning as the richest postcard perfect like city in the south, a natural gold mine full of laughter, hope, and endless opportunities. .

That was all about to change.

Kerry The Zombie

The Barbs- I Should Not Have Stayed Over

The barbs were a fake plastic family of four. At first they waved and smiled too much. Mom would always say. "gray, be nice. You need to make some friends". My mom and me realized early on that my only friends were 8-bit protagonist semi-bad guys and the thought of having a video game friend was kinda cool.

Carl, the dad, owned a car juice company. You know, the green stuff cars drink?. He was cool because he taught me secret levels of NES games.

Ida, the wife, worked weird hours from 4 am till 6 am. We would speak at the gate each morning. Their daughter, Anna belle was an ankle biting bed wetting tattle tale, so staying away from her at the Barbs for me, was priority.

Carl - Salesman By Day, Night time He Plays MGRAPHICS

Things were ok at first! The barbs older son Kerry, and me,would play video games all during the week and on the weekends. He was around my age, our names rhymed, and we both loved the Sega channel. He liked gore games, my thing was challenge games, so it just meshed.

One night in particular, while staying over at the Barbs, carl came home dragging a bag that smelled like rotten sardines. Kerry said it was just store bought venison, but Carl's leg was wrapped up like he had an accident. The argument of humans being chopped up inside that bloody bag was kept to myself.

There Goes The Neighborhood

One year, around winter time, mom was galloping about how the town was going broke and that her hospital, my aunt's school and the city banks were going to be attacked. My plastic fantastic aerodynamic cup was built for eavesdropping, which was wrong, but desperate times caused for desperate measures. What my aerodynamic cup recieved was far worse than Holyville going broke!

Mom told the neighbor that a patient at her hospital had their arm chewed off by some weird ugly guys. Holy aerodynamic cup. What weird ugly guys live in Holyville?

Myself, the kitchen floor, and my new Nike Air sneakers, all made the same sound in unison, screech, as we flung ourselves out the squeaky kitchen door.There was only one person who would be fascinated by this. My gore, gaming friend, Kerry. Kerry was already standing in the doorway by the time my whimpering body stumbled upon the small house. The game, zombies ate my neighbors title screen spinning like the famous tv show The Twilight Zone ..The scary look in Kerry's eyes

should have been my warning. .

Kerry, did you hear about the guy who got his arm chewed off by some weird guys? Come with me, have something to show and tell, he said softly like an Indian chief. As we walked down the hill past the place where we once rode bikes, something told me to turn back. This area was no-man's land. We never ventured out this far before. My subconscious muttered to my conscious, now is the time to turn back Gary, before it's too late. Now is the time!


5:23 am

As we walked through the Forest and watched night convert to dawn, my mind couldn't think of anything else than what Kerry had to show me? Where are we going I finally yelled out from behind.

Still leary about going, Gary decides to keep his distance from Kerry in case he needs to run or go back to Holyville. Gary has a pocket knife given to him by his grandfather, that he carries around for protection. For these vital facts, we give gary a low survival rate of 5.4/10

Their right down this way he turned and yelled back to Gary, and then shouted, catch up. Their? Gary thought to himself, who are they? As Gary begins to run, a bolder strikes him on the right side of his skull, knocking him to the ground, causing an instant gash and a large contusion. Gary has lost a vast amount of blood. He is unconscious and is now being eaten by zombies.

Finally awaken from my temporary comma,.

by the pain caused from having multiple humans ripping my at flesh, I felt reluctant to be alive. Most of these humans had lived in our neighborhood. Their faces showed evil by the light of the fires.

Get the hell off me, I screamed out aloud. You thirsty zombies, get back! Blood had filled my classic Back-2-The-Future t-shirt from a bite to my lower torso. My right eye was swollen from the blunt trauma. Me giving up was not an option

. Kerry stood motionless, a cheap cigarette in one hand and the old testament in the other hand. His sister and mom had their backs turned to me, while Carl shouted orders: EAT GARY, EXTRACT HIS SOUL , it was the Barbs!

Kill this zombie, Gary. My video game friend did nothing. A soft voice rang out from behind, that's his dad Kerry, our dad. Your gonna be ok. The bedwetting ankle biter was attempting to offer kindness during my hour of despair, how sweet.

My pocket knife was floating around in my red rip-off MJ jacket, it was the only thing that could save me at that moment. I closed my eyes.

Blood ran slowly down my swollen cheek. Two hundred pounds of zombie flesh fell on top of my small frame. My hands were wet, red and warm. My pocket knife surely severed his Internal Carotid Artery. A puddle of warm blood filled my eye socket . I shoved Carl off my bloody MJ jacket. I ran!

My wet Nike's did not stop running until the fire became to distant to see. We had just slayed our first psychotic zombie. Now it was time to warn Holyville.


The knife and I became close friends after our first zombie slay in '93. 443 kills so far. Seems that When the internet happened, folks started sharing my story. Once the story hit the national news, the city of Holyville called me and offered me the city Sheriff position. That' how I got all them zombie kills

Years have passed since our family talked to Kerry and the Barbs. After that horrific holy night in the Forest, my family and I decided to relocated to an undisclosed location. The entire city did move shortly after also.

I hear talk in the city that Holyville isn't so holy anymore. Heck if you ask me, i'd say it isn't a real town. A bunch of ghost and zombies, a gas station, and a food market, that's all we got!

The city of Holyville residents are positive the Barbs were burnt up in a house fire back in 1995. Don't believe that! I get friend request on social media from a KerryBarbs daily.

STORY BY MessinaTheProducer for video game HOLY THRILL ZOMBIES book fiction Kerry Babrs: The Holyville Killer out soon!


-Knife Zombie provided of Graphic Mobile Games

-White Clouds provided by Ansimuz

-Walking Zombie provided by animatedimages.org

- Game design, development, game sound and story by MessinaTheProducer

game title screen /thumbnail by MessinaTheProducer

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