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Universal Music Group's label, Spinnup is offering one free single song distribution to all streaming platforms like Spotify until May 31st, 2020 to help offset Covid-19's impact on artists' creative spirit. Spinnup is a music distribution service owned by Universal Music Group, the world's largest Music Publishing, and the record company with artists like DRAKE, ARIANNA GRANDE, SAM SMITH, and Spinnups LOVA. Remember, a single on Spinnup can have two tracks, so double up if needed!


Spinnup, the digital music distribution for the independent artist. gives every artist 100% complete control over there masters and 100% royalties while UMG discovers artists through their record label and markets and promotes their carer. Here are some discoveries by UMG through their Spinnup Distribution label. Artists can withdraw royalties earned at $10 NOT standard $50 THRESHOLD!


SIMSEY released his first track"AMBITIONER" in 2018 which quickly caught the eyes of Spinnup after his streaming numbers went soaring through the motherboards of every device capable. Simsey has now signed with UMG and his single "ALO" came out May 31st.

If your song has potential, it seems like the front offices will work their magic and send your songs to the appropriate UMG offices so the songs may get a first-hand look. Born in Denmark, Simsey being rapping at an early age horning his craft until his hobby became his career. Not every artist who uploads to the Spinnup platform will become a star at UMG. There are many factors that determine which artists get the most attention from a LABLE such as UMG. Check him out onFacebookandInstagram

Enchantée Julia

Her face might draw you in. but it's her beautiful voice that caught the attention of the staff at UMG from Spinnups Bourges competition. She signed with UMG earlier in the year and now is releasing music that releases a global platform All thanks to UMG's label Spinnup. If you are an artist from overseas, there is a good chance that you could be discovered here in the USA by the right people if you follow your heart and let the world hear your music.

SIGN UP TO RELEASE YOUR FIRST SINGLE FOR free on UMG Spinnup. 1st year FREE - UMG DOES not ACCEPT unsolicited MUSIC please USE the LINK above to be considered to UMG through SPINNUP! Spinnup's Parent Company LOGO Vivendi/ UMG - This is a logo owned by Universal Music Group for Universal Music Group.



Created for Artists like you by America Music Group | AMG


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