Dave Pulls Chappelle Show Off Netflix This Is Why

Unforgiven starring Dave Chappelle comedy stand up

The Chappelle Show, which aired on Comedy Central from 2003-2006 lasted only 24 days on the streaming giant NETFLIX. Here's why! Dave just didn't feel right with the show being on Netflix without his approval. Dave's SNL opening monologue was the first time we heard he wasn't paid by HBOmax and Netflix.

CBS Viacom owned the rights to the show when it was created and cut a syndication licensing deal with Netflix behind Chappelle's back, so he claims. "They just stole it from me". Chappelle also claims that he wasn't paid after leaving the show because of faulty contract signings on his behalf. "I signed the contract, so I didn't get paid"! Which might refer to CBS owing the master rights to syndicate the Chappelle Show after Dave's signature.


Since Netflix and Chappelle have a great ongoing business relationship worth billions, with his stand ups, they decided to listen to their artist over the phone say "this makes me feel bad" and they responded by snatching the popular skit show from their library of hits, regardless of their contact to syndicate the show for media conglomerate CBS-Viacom. This is why! Its Unforgiven!


The Chappelle Show was famous for skits like piss on you, Rick James, Prince Basketball, And a host of other hilarious comedy skits written by Dave Chappelle.which made the show gain huge popularity among the youth and 50 somethings, all in its first season. I know Black People was created and sampled from the late Alex Trebek's long running game show Jeopardy. .

Dave recently made headlines as a host on Saturday Night Live with his opening monologue COME GET YOUR NIGGA LESSONS which was so edgy that Loren, the creator of SNL could have cut to commercial at any point. Most importantly, Dave spoke on the fact that he was not paid even though The Chappelle show was syndicated on HBOmax and Netflix.

Education Freedom and Jesus Christ were the things Dave's great grandfather, who was a slave took pride in. He wondered if his grandfather could see him now what would he'd say? This nigga been bought and sold more times than i have. Another edgy joke was when he said I DON'T KNOW WHY WHITE PEOPLE DON'T LIKE WEARING MASKS. YOU WEAR THEM TO CLAN RALLIES, WEAR IT TO WAL-MART TOO.


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