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Open credit sequences and Movie logo intros are the first impressions of your motion picture movie. A great Credit sequence will make you watch boring movies for the first 3 minutes if the sequence is eye-catchy. Pixar's movie logo intro has the jumping light that you hope doesn't accidentally fall off the skinny letter. MGM's classic lion halts a huge roar to show dominance over other production companies.

Your Opening credit sequence needs to be stronger than your Movie company's logo like the above photo, and theirs is really good. Why does the opening credit sequence ned to be stronger than the company logo? A Credit sequence grabs the attention of the watcher by implementing CUTTING=EDGE

background motion visuals along with the cool animated text features, and carefully chosen audio to tie the sequence together. The music which accompanies the background visuals and animated text should match the movie's genre and theme. Sonic 2020 is my favorite movie company logo this year so far. The chime of coins skipping across the water brings back SEGA memories. What is your favorite company movie logo intro?


Company Logo Intro [combined with] Opening Credit Sequence EXAMPLE - BATMAN

The Dark Knight Rises - Warner Bros and Legendary film crews combined their movie logo and credit sequence into one sequence in BATMAN DKR. This move sped up the company logo opener slot, allowing more emphasis to the Credit Sequence. Usually, a production company will show two or three scenes of company logos which fades to black to allow the sequence to begin. Some production companies choose to not show a sequence opener but will instead display the movie while text credits scroll over the footage like Forrest Gump's feather melody.

Silent Company Logo Into [FOLLOWED BY] Credit sequence w/ Feather melody - FOREST GUMP

FORREST GUMP - Paramount pictures displayed their silent logo in this, motion picture to accentuate the following scene. A short silent intro draws more attention than to the watcher when the next scene's music is enchanting and beautiful. Let's say the movie scorer asked the director to leave the company logo silent, so when the feather starts to roll, his strings would dance along to the melody of the air.

Should the director refuse his request and play his favorite jam, Elton John's "Rocket Man" as the logo's opening sound? Does Rocket Man sound good transitioning to an ensemble of strings and single piano hits? Only if the director doesn't have the vision than the answer would be yes! They would play a song that doesn't fit into sequences. This constitutes for a c movie. This is music scoring and movie making to 100%! The director should wear all hats and must be just as good as the key grip and music score person but must make critical decisions regarding the output of the motion picture. The director also needs a great side-kick, his/her producer!


America Movie Group - AMG choose this quick animated company logo to show-off its productions. Sleek fast and to the point. Sound FX is synced with the visuals on time, and the colors are not over the top. Sometimes, it's best to have a quick company logo intro if your sequence credit scene has been intentionally created to show a certain point. Newness is the key to gaining repeated watchers to your content. Keep it creative. Think, change the sound that drives the logo.



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