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Circus App Killer

Holyville USA Home Of The Circus App Killer StickyPepermint The Clown



We got a killer clown in Holyville bo! Nobody cares and nobody loves Gary. He's all grown up now City folks call him StickyPepermint the clown but we call him the Circus App Killer, Yup. He turns our sweet city of Holyville into a hologram of hell come nightfall. Going round handing folks wet peppermints inviting them to a circus that doesn't exist. Folks still healing from when he claimed the Barbs turned half the city into zombies back in 1991, I just think the boy is plain nutzo bo.

The wife and I were here last Tuesday. There was a woman sitting right there with dam monkey ears. Would you like some more coffee, sir? Hey, no thanks, miss! What was I sayin' Bo? O, she had Monkey ears and I went to her to see a little closer, I found a circus sticker attached to her shirt that was being held up by a sticky peppermint. Listen, last Thursday, a couple reported seeing a man walking headless down greenpine AVE. Folks went plum splat crazy when that story broke. I think Gary hasn't been the same since he was bitten by those zombies.

Say, Garry created some kind of global holograpic app that changes hospitals into circuses? I heard it changes according to what people seek. If you're looking for fun, the Hospital's appearance changes into a circus. If you sliced your finger and need a doctor, the appearance switches back to a Hospital. Once you walk in, you never come out the same!

Gary too smart for his own good Bo! Lord knows what happens when people enter that horrible place. Animals with human heads, humans with animal legs. Crazy! The sign out front says admission will cost you an arm and a leg, and they put "LoL" in there at the end. Mighty Strange, say bo? Amazed, says bo. Amazed!

Ah, Madam, Check Please!

Circus App Killer

7:21 pm HolyVille, USA

GreenPines Diner


Play scene change music first then read

9:21 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? My mom came home with a monkey's nose!

9:28 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? Did the hospital move? Cause it's a circus now!

9:31 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? Hello, Is the Holyville Hosptial running a circus!

9:38 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? My husband is a jackass!

9:43 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? My son's eyes are jack-n-da box, with a crank!

9:44 pm Holyville 9-1-1 what's your emergency? My daddy is a snake, he's hugging me too tight!

Sir, I think you better have a look at this! What's that Fran? These

phone lines are working! I've been receiving some weird back-to-back calls about the holyville hospital. Callers are reporting that the hospital is a circus. Also, sir, the callers have said their families have animal parts? Well, I answered a call for a pregnant woman to be escorted to that hospital about ten minutes ago. Everything seemed fine. As for the animal humans, I'm not sure I follow you Mrs.fran. Please go on...

Sir, this email came in at 9:45 pm with an audio/ video attachment. I believe this emaIl has something to do with the calls. The subject says "come play with us". Who is it from? Sir, the company's name reads Greenpine big-top circus LLC. But the actual sender is a StickyPepermint The Clown? Well, Fran maybe this will give us a clue to what's going on at the hospital. This could also explain those weird calls I received, sir. Read the email out loud then play the video please, and let's see what this StickyPepermint The Clown is all about! Yes sir!

From:Greenpine big-top circus LLC

To: Holyville Police Dept.

Subject: "come play with us"

9:45 pm Play Sound & Read

Step step step right up to the Greenpine big top circus. It will only cost you an arm and a leg, but we did this on purpose. See The sounds, hear the lights so they will capture your eyes. Beware of fear cause Under this tent, awaits your doomed surprise. So Flap your wings, and shuffle your tie. for in this circus humans shall fly. Your time will be great, we love when you're late, we'll chop off your knees, and place them on bees. It's cotton and candy for good boys and girls, so come to the circus, let's change your world!

Enjoy The Video & Circus!

See u soon! U know where to find us.


StickyPepermint The Clown ( ⊙_◎ )

Greenpine big-top circus LLC


Circus App Killer. A  Psychotic clown attempts to save his failing circus by creating a holographic app that changes the appearance of Hospitals into circuses in order to perform surgery on humans. The circus makes its money by selling animals with human parts to the highest bidding circus. Welcome To The Holyville Greenpine Big-Top Circus! Written by MessinaTheProducer



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