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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Chicago A Movie Called Chicago Directed by MessinaTheProducer

CHICAGO A Movie Called Chicago is a blaxploitation drama. A 1972 Chi-town female pimp who pims men, is a real estate tycoon and manages one of the wealthiest illegal drug operations Chicago's ever witnessed is out of prison and looking to take over!

Written by MessinaTheProducer. Desire is her name, pimping is her game. She's a triple threat in the streets of Chicago.



-->cue [play song first] Episode 1 Tit 4 Tat

The streets of Chicago became silent as desire's 68' Lincoln slowly pulled onto

N Elston Ave. The year was 1972. The street lights were dim, and Little Child Runnin Wild blared against the gravel from a new black Lincoln Continental.

"A Migga, You got my money motherf%^ker? Tony spang up, ran across the wet chicago street, causing a two car collision.[crash] while singing, come catch me b%tch!. .

Go runnin up dem streets, and run into My Fat Johnny, you f#cking junkie, Desire shouted back. POW POW! Two shots rang out from a .357 magnum. I'ma get mine Tony Baloney, as her tires pounded the asphalt, the shiny lincoln fishtailed from the scene, Pow! [a single shot rang out].

[end scene]


[ENGINE REVVING] 11:48 pm outside Pretty Mike's Pool Hall

"TIT 4 TAT" Episode 1

--->cue play The Delfonics

Michael So Pretty: What the hell was she doing on N. Elston? Pulls cigarette I got Carlito and twenty latins WAITING for war! What The f$ck! is she...

Tony Baloney: I know what she doing ova here. interrupts tony The b$tch Movin in on yo clientele, pretty Mike! She got brothers sellin ass off S. STATE ST. I don't even wanna talk about them expensive cars pulin' up to mama jones.

Michael So Pretty: How you know all this jack? Migga, you using that s%it again? And what's this I hear about you getting shot at, and selling yo grammy award?.

Tony Baloney: Say man, ease up! I'm just tellin' you what i heard, man! The hell with the Grammy's, And i didnt get shot at, it was a warning shot. Look, let me help you, help me. I can tell you where the bitch be at. But it's gonna cost ya pretty michale. [end]

--->cue play chicago a song called chicago while trick and desire cruise chicago streets, read, stop at 0:35 0r 1:20 sec,

[ cruisin' E.. ILLINOIS ST. 12:34 AM]

Desire rides passenger and sips BRANDY while male "trick" drives the Lincoln, calms desire

Desire: That's why you gotta keep ole Betty-May in yo purse! My daddy always said to get a man to listen

, you gotta give him what he want then take it away

Trick: Girl, you shol ran up on him, boom boom, had that man sayin' please mr. postman.

[Desire & Trick both high-five, childishly laugh out loud] backseat view

Trick: Yes Lord that was pimp stroll music, but this my song baby! The Big payback! I'm mad baby

Desire: YouMad!?

[ play big payback to join in, cd 2_track 1 ]<---cue

Desire: What you mad at? Sold me out, for some chicken change. You damn right trick.The big payback! I believe it's time I show these fools who really runs Chicago! Maybe it's time we pay Carlito and the king's a little visit, and tell him what Michael So Damn Pretty has been up to.

[trick lowers music]

Trick: Wait, b#itch when you say Carlito, you mean the latin kings Carlito!?

Desire: Trick you scared? Listen, word in Chicago is that Pretty Michael been working with the mayor of Chicago to crack down on drugs & crime in the city. . Some big fougazie plan to clean up the streets for project housing. Whatever that is.. Pretty's getting two properties outta the deal, kickbacks, and check this; his ass is double crossin Carlito!

Trick: Girl, I heard Michael To Pretty got popped for shooting a white woman in Logan Square. I also heard that white woman "was" the Mayor's mistress. and The mayor's people had Tony bailed him out that night with your money. All three of them Miggas dirty, if you ask trick. [trick confidently smirks into mirror]

[desire increases volume, longer sip, ponders off into distance]

Desire: Yea! Exact same reason why two of my apartments got set on fire. Had my women tricks out there in panties and no bra. Pretty michael was behind that for sure. O, Yea. The big payback, what it is and what it is? I want what's mine and ima get it! [sip]

Trick: Girl, If Mayor P. Bailey scandalizes with one black, what make you think he won't take a bribe from another rich scandalous black person? Maybe we need to go see this Mr. David P. Bailey, and bring out the Maxwell Scott, baby.

Desire: B%tch, how much am i payin' yo ass an hour, better yet, trick, how much you payin' my ass an hour?!

[both laugh as big payback plays to a fade in background, do your thing by Isaac Hayes starts playing lincoln fades away into darkness -BLACKSCREEN-] THEN..

--->cue[play do your thing]

[BANG, GANG, BANG, BANG] 1:18 am [fade in scene, lights blinking, horn continuous beep]

-while waiting at a traffic light on E. 97th, a tan colored sedan fires 4 shots into the lincoln, striking "Trick" in the chest and grazing Desire's forehead. The half-empty Brandy bottle shatters. The shooters Tires produce a loud cringing screech. The drivers side car door opens in slow motion. The music's tempo slows.

Trick falls to the cold cement. A latin female prostitute has witnesses the shooting and flees on foot. Desire is bloody, sprawled across the dashboard, and is unconscious.


$10,000 dollars is sitting in a Coco Chanel briefcase in the trunk alongside a .357 magnum, a baggie of cocaine and ledger with the name of Chicago Italian mob boss, Joe "Benzy" Banana. Whomever shows up first will be in more trouble than they bargained for. For this is King's territory

[Latin music plays lightly in the background].[aerial view, pan slowly upwards from scene]



EPISODE01_SEASON01_Tit 4 Tat - Chicago A Movie Called Chicago, Chicago A Song Called Chicago

Directed Written & Produced by MessinaTheProducer

Chicago A Movie Called Chicago Directed by MessinaTheProducer

Cast members and Crew

Desire - Main Character - Female Pimp, Drug Kingpin, entrepreneur, property owner, real estate

Trick - Male Prostitute Desire's bottom b%tch

Michael To Pretty - Pimp, Club owner, future politician, Drug Kingpin, Community activist

Tony Baloney - Addict, hustler, 1 grammy for 1964 r&b group "The Pimptations" song "Mrs. Pimp Man" numerous industry associates and friends

Mama Jones - Speakeasy, juke joint, gambling, brothel, corrupt police hangout

My Fat Johnny - "Collection agency" one bad black brotha, body hider, neighborhood priest

great dad, hired hitman, AKA The Eraser

Joe "Benzy" Banana -Mob boss, Airport heist, diamond dealers, racketeering, distributors, muscle

Carlito - Latin King leader, Kingpin, racketeering, extortion, kidnapping, stock market

Pretty Mikes Poll - Michael To Pretty's Pool Hall, front for illegal businesses

Mayor P. Bailey - Mayor of Chicago hedge funds, illegal stock trading vietnam 68' with Michael To Pretty


>Special Thanks To Jack Lieb , National Safety Council and a/v geeks

CHICAGO A SONG CALLED CHICAGO Written by MessinaTheProducer 7/10/2019







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