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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Protecting his country and father is Top priority!

The Cornavirus has canceled Lil Xuzki's BODAK MELLOW single, but no worries. AMG label brings a thrilling short trailer for his upcoming song Bodak Mellow.

The 27-year-old rapper, Cardi b unintentionally filled the charts with the hit Bodak Yellow a few years back, but now Lil Xuzki has raised the song from the mp3grave with his version Bodak Mellow.

Read and watch the trailer below. and hear a sneak peak of the song Bodak Mellow. Bodak Mellow is a song by Lil Xuzki due after the outbreak

Hold on for a bumpy ride!

Top, the son of an US Treasury Of State official is being held hostage by the Colombian Gov't and the Columbia Drug Cartel in exchange for Americas re-entry into the NAC CARTEL and the repayment of drug

debts owed to the Columbia Drug Cartel for America's use of Colombian cocaine which was used to secure elections, win Vietnam and eradicate the Black Panther Party. But the real twist begins when Due decides he must double cross this entire operation. Get ready for more action than you can possibly handle in 6 minutes with this high-speed thriller.

Due, Incumbent, Treasury Of State for the USA is just trying to get to the top. Protecting his son and withholding documents from the NAC, Colombian Drug Cartel and the United States Central Intelligence Dept. could get him and his son Top, in the scope of the gun. What happens when people double-cross the NAC? Top must use his skills to stay alive. Now, Mr. Treasury will enter a world he would have never imagined.



Scene 1 starts at the end of movie, Play song first, start reading...

"Floor it Benzo"! A 1972 Buick GSX fishtails away from hotel, Mr. Treasury helplessly watches the car speed away...


It was a sticky, hot Tuesday, one like i'll never forget. My son and I were getting ready for the big July, 4th fireworks by the bay festival. Will it go round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky? We loved singing that song together. It was the #1 song of '73! My day seemed to be spinning around in circles. Too much Coca-Cola. Dad, someones at your door. Want me to see who it is? OK, no Top. Finish packing and don't forget the camera. As Top slowly retreated from the foyer area, i politely dimmed the lights with my left hand and placed my right hand over my bitch.


I looked in Tops direction before the slick dark haired man could. A fat guy stood on the door. Was my door kicked in by task force knocking me to the floor and stepping on my face?. I was pinned. "Top, i mumbled, RUN"! The but of a pistol laid me to rest under the cedar front door. Top was gone!

Play Background song, then read

50 Kilos

Oye! This cocaine is excellency muchacho! Buenos dias, Mr. Treasury.

Long time no see. Bogota Hotel Housekeeping? Vamonos, send her away, he shouted! Happy 5th Of July, Mr. Treasury!. You slept through the fireworks last night. Get him OJ. Not him, me you idiot! "I have some exciting news for our business affairs sent by our intelligent agency department". Remember them? No? Did you sleep well? Hows your head?

Where the fuck is my son you son of a bitch! As for our company, National Holdings & hijos, in just 10 short years the city of Miami will be ours! Where the fuck is mi hijo you smiley fuck? O, Top? Listen, he's fine. This Pure Colombian Cocaine is going global chacho, set to build banks, college institutions, beaches,

jails, it will buy politician, not just get Americans high. Aren't we excited? Fuck your beaches and banks, wheres my got damn son? Hold him down, give him another dose of cocaine, the boss said. Hold his pretty fucking face, Benzo. "Listen you puta, we helped your FBI get those Black Panther mutherfuckers, did we not"?. Now you run? Listen to me, my friend. Let me compose myself. I like Top. Ah Yes, Hes a good kid. My temper gets a little raised on OJ, pardon me.


Play Background song, then read

We like you too. This is not ebout Top, Mr Treasury. No No. He's collateral damage, he'll learn to live with his affliction, said the tyrant. What we have here is a failure to communicate. A failure to pay up on drugs you purchased for your elections and medicines and the outstanding debt owed to the NAC, Mr. Secretary Of State, sir. What the hell is NAC? Jimenez, wipe his nose!

Patience wins this race, Mr. Treasury i'll explain the NAC. First, Correct these little debts your country has defaulted on before the Colombian Government gets too involved. Your medicines are 90% our cocaine. But, for some silly reason, we and the NAC, have yet to be compensated.

(Cocaine gibberish) So poo na puck nar you and da nac? No more cocaine for Mr. Pretty face, por favor. You know me. I, we are the Columbia Drug Cartel Mr. Treasury, sent on behalf of the Colombian Government and the NAC, he told Due. The NAC is responsible for your petroleum. They control 85% of the NTSB and your Federal Aviation Administration. They control the air, they also control the ground, judges and lawyers.

"Tonight you are going to meet Chase, an intelligence agent from the Nunez Aurelia Cartel, the infamous NAC". You will bring the cartel 50 kilos of our Pure Cocaine along with 20 million in cash from the Sanchez Bank Robbery. The Nunez cartel secretly secured your win in Vietnam by funneling millions of dollars to your war effort, but your country turned its back to the cartel as soon as the war was over, leaving some unfinished business. So this 20 million will set your country even.

. The cartel may also have questions about you lifting Peru's sanctions and tax tariffs, but the cartel's main concern is owing your United States Department Of Defense or 80% ownership of your FDIC, he addressed. So be ready to negotiate. Drugs and Politics! I love America!

Appointment For Betrayal

Play Background song, then read

Here's the skinny, deliver the 50 Kilos to Aurelia, and the 20 mil but whatever you do, don't let the cartel inspect the 4th duffel-bag. Each bag contains 5 mil in cash. That 4th bag has dyed bills from the '72 Sanchez robbery. "What happens if the cartel inspects the bottom of the 4th bag"? Simply put, you will never see Top again, and your country will be at war with the NAC. If the cartel does NOT thoroughly inspect the 4th duffel-bag, the NAC would accept your 20 million and confiscate

Your United States Department Of Defense to clear your Vietnam debt. When the NAC sends the dyed bills to their investors, The Munez Cartel, all of your debts concerning the NAC would be settled. But, when the Munez Cartel discovers the dyed bills, the NAC becomes liable for the Sanchez robbery. This will clear the Colombian Government, the Columbia Drug Cartel and your United States Government as persons of interest inside the 50 million dollar Sanchez Robbery case.


Play Background song, then read

What's in it for the Government and your Columbia Drug Cartel, asked due. The NAC and Munez cartels has stolen the quinoa crop farms from it's residents. Days like these are hard for the Peru people.The quinoa crop is a cash crop for the people of Peru to feed their families, so it's time the Government and the Columbia Drug Cartel obtain the NAC and Munez quinoa crop businesses and give them back to the people of Peru. Your country will betray the NAC for the Colombian Government and the Columbia Drug Cartel with your 20 million dollar dyed donation.

This will start a war between the Munez and Nunez cartels. The quinoa crop along with the businesses of the NAC and Munez cartels will become property of the Columbia Government and Columbia Drug Cartel. All debts between the US, the Colombian Government, and the Columbia Drug Cartel cleared, once the 20 million has been delivered to the Munez Cartel by the Nunez Aurelia Cartel.


What do i mall you? Sweet this guy is, isn't he?! Call, you mean? Well, I like your hijo de puta. It's quite true. I am a son of a bitch! OK, wipe his nose. Pick him up, and get Mr. Treasury ready for his appointment of betrayal with the Nunez Aurelia Cartel. I'll meet you guys at Lil Xuzki's Bodak Mellow's.

Play outro song, then read

Floor it Benzo! Get me far away from this sausage hotel. He needs pussy and more cocaine, aye? Call DESIRE. Benzo receives an aggressive elbow to the chest. Mr. hijo de puta takes a long line of cocaine, slaps the dashboard of his 1972 Buick GSX then yells, I am a son of a bitch as The loud Buick fishtails away from hotel, Mr. Treasury helplessly watches the car speed away.

Rain droplets begin to fall over Bogota. "This Must Be The Season Of The Witch,. I gotta find Top," Due reminded himself. Camera slowly pans up, away from the scene. Fade to black.

Bodak Mellow TRAILER mobile

Bodak Mellow Trailer Desktop

bodak mellow single cover art AMG cancels album till further notice!

bodak mellow single cover art AMG cancels album till further notice!



Top - 12 yr old Son of Due, Mr. Treasury

Mr. Treasury - Due US Treasury Of State Official

Columbia Government - republic with separation of powers into executive, judicial and legislative branches

Columbia Drug Cartel - primary purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations kidnapping robbery

NAC - Nunez Aurelia Cartel primary purpose of promoting and controlling illegal business operations bribery tax evasion

The Munez Cartezl - Money laundering syndicate extortion primary purpose of promoting and controlling NAC trafficking operations

Black Panther Party - Revolutionary political organization Anti-fascism rival FBI C Drug Cartel allies The Weather Underground Org

Benzo - Right hand man to hijo de puta

Hijo De Puta - Colombian Drug Lord Leader of the Columbia Drug Cartel

National Holdings & hijos - Hijo de puta & Mr. Treasury's stock shares business

Bodak Mellow's - Lil Xuzki's Spanish and Cuban restaurant Live Entertainment

Lil Xuzki - Owner of Bodak Mellow former entertainer [club keeps Cartel members legal prostitution cocaine factory?]

Jimenez - Soilder Columbia Drug Cartel enforcer aka "ice pick jim"

Chase - an intelligence agent from the Nunez Aurelia Cartel

The quinoa crop - edible seeds rich in protein dietary fiber mainly grown in PERU

CREDITS: LICENSE: Music Lil Xuzki Bodak Mellow

Director MessinaTheProducer

CREDITS: cc-by3 whip western for kodak mellow video Attribution 3.0 Renato Cabral video Suspense Queue ghost gun and gun shot cock.wav Horror Ambience.wav MEXICO VIDEO MEXICO

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