Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Future Hndrxx is garbage! He uses too much auto-tune, he only talks about drinking mud and mentions his tic, tic, tic money machine too many times.

Rapping is about telling an honest story, it's about being true and real to the art. Is Future even rapping when he raps?.Rap is not about who can turn on the lights at night by wearing their two toned skeleton Ap, from song[Jet-lag] ft. Young Scooter]. I, unfortunately have to flip a switch to run my lights at night. How can he take off on a jet n#gga, with a hundred bandz and a tech n#gga? That's impossible! Did codeine turn Future into an alien?

"I'm a product of the field, i'm just in my disguise" - Future Hndrxx

Does Future deserve half the credit he receives? Have you heard of him before? Or did you meet him through the R&B singer Ciara ? Who cares if he earned six #1 albums in 3 years and 5 months right behind the great Elton John (1970) with seven #1's in 3 yrs 3 months. Dude, I can do that in my sleep. He Started his own label, Freebandz off Epic Records, and at the "Same Damn Time" i'm tripping, Future is biting down on his teeth, pissin' codeine and spillin' A-1 Steak sauce!

I'll breakdown Future's song "AFTERLIFE" from his album "WRLD ON DRUGS" ft Juice WRLD & you will see why he's NOT a rapper. I'll also share

some daunting findings about the Pluto Astronaut that will leave you stoked! He's not a rapper, maybe he's not even a human being.

Future has a musically weird cousin named Rico wade, the founder of Organized Noize. They did beats for TLC "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls" and the magical Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik by OUTKAST which incorporates analog elements such as Southern-styled guitar licks, languid soul melodies, and mellow 1970s funk grooves. These guys were light years ahead of the beat making game and i believe this is where future gained some knowledge.

For years, since the beginning of his career, Future has been telling us that he comes from a dwarf planet called Pluto, and that he's a geeked-up astronaut. Not many rappers come from that part of the universe, and most artists never claim to mess around with space. Is future an astronaut or could he be referring to Pluto-The Ruler Of The Underworld of Hates? This is Greek mythology here folks secretly infused through Future's music and if so, the future is scary! This is breakthrough discovery folks!

Pluto represents a more positive concept of the god who presides over the afterlife. OK again, AFTERLIFE the song I jam each day at 7 am sharp. The song I choose to DISSECT, And lastly, the word Afterlife that came up while reading & discovering Pluto the RULER OF THE UNDERWORLD on Wiki. Freaky discovery!

,,Could this be the main reason earthlings like us aren't ready for the future type music? Is he an alien or Illuminati? Is this why he's not very commercialized because he's an underworld ruler who pops his shit then goes to paradise? Then wakes up and produces super soundtrack productions like movie"Superfly" June, 8th 2018? Heavy!


Take your time "Shorty" and bust shit down "Shorty" and think about it. It's getting realer n realer huh?. Why does radio stations not play Future as much as some of the other major artist like Drake or Migos? HERE'S WHY

The curators at radio stations fail to categorize the artist in the correct genre. Ill break down SONG #13 "AFTERLIFE" OFF " Wrld on Drugs (with Juice Wrld) (2018) wiki] to give you a clue on why Future IS NOT A 'rapper'



  2. Listen to Andre from Outkast

  1. HE pops his shit every morning, then goes to paradise, HE KNOWS SOMEBODY BOUT TO DIE TONITE.

  2. The cough syrup got him dozin off, he can see you in his afterlife.

  3. He leaves the badies in the house, like SUPER FLY?

  4. He pops his shit, then lives lavish, never switches sides.

  5. You can go to college, get a crib off the clothes he buys.

  6. Hes at the top of the fuckin' hills, offa' sunset drive..

  7. He's just a product of the field & in a disguise

  8. His frank-lings are coming by the layers, that's the way he gon' make it

  9. His chick don't know when he gon' pop up , so she gotta sleep naked.

  10. He can tell the way they treat him, they gone say he's the greatest

  11. He can't help who he love n^gga, That's why GOD make thug n^ggas?

THE ANSWER: THE GUYS NOT A FUCKING RAPPER, HE'S A freakin' black Bob Ross ... who was an American painter, art instructor, and television host.