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MessinaTheProducer and the fantastic crew Lil xuzki and Holythrillmafia give you dope music to discover like album i Trap iN cOLOR or Modern Eclectic Beats & Samples From The Low End Theory of The 25th century. Listen now on apple music. Discover new platform Musicoin Blockchain, There are no ads, it is free, easy to share, and artists get paid instantly.

Try for yourself & discover new music now!





Hollythrillmafia's new music album Metamorphosis from independent label Pink p8ssy Music Publishing. We dubbed this one "everyones album" .An album filled with trap rap, alternative rock and some smooth r&b. Noteable songs are i followed u , the destruction, back to the beginning



Messina's new music album Melectronic from independent label Pink p8ssy Music Publishing is trap EDM. We call this album spit & rinse .An album filled with trap edm, trance rock and dads 808's. Notable songs are pay per acid, dads stinky 808's...CLICK PICTURE TO PLAY ALBUM

lil xuzki

Lil Xuzki

You can stream new music from independent talented musicians like Lil xuzki Pink p8ssy Music Publishing's New signed artist. This song will be apart of Messina's album I Trap iN cOLOR  Listen Absolutely free, and without ads under the new blockchain music platform Musicoin! Check out this new record Gucci On My Belt produced by Messina [UNRELEASED] Stream Lil Xuzki show


Snowy Mountain Sunset

I Trap iN cOLOR

Messina's new 23 track album I TRAP IN COLOR ALBUM ART IS NOT FINISHED,,, messina wants to change it. Well, this just might become the album cover now! From independent label Pink Pussy Music Publishing we bring you a sneak peak off the album.

This song called Fuck Wit Me, is a hyped aggressive trap record with attitude!. Lil xuzki will also appear on this album. We dubbed this album "trappin at the library". An album filled with hard hitting trap 808 beats created at local libraries around Florida. Album due this summer 2019

black birds


No sleep's single Black Birds Circle is a mixture of  political hip-hop and conscience rap. No sleep is the first artist signed under pink pussy music publishing. No sleep has also recorded with hip-hop artist Lola Spikes who is no longer with the label. Black Birds Circle is the 2nd single released off the publishing label.

Ice Cream
sweet trap hair mixtape

Sweet Trap Hair 2 [MIXTAPE]

The HolyThrillMafia released their first mix-tape Sweet Trap Hair 2 before releasing sweet trap hair number 1, weird huh? Well, the mixtape received really great reviews and was able to land the hip-hop duo an audition for concerts in Tampa, Florida. Notable tracks are Bums Beat It, Summerskool,Trap Lil Nigga Chill, & Money That I mADE. Released December 2017

Image by LexScope

Free Smoke [LIVE YouTube MIXTAPE]

The HolyThrillMafia released their 2nd mix-tape Free Smoke in 2017 on Dat Piff. Pay attention to discover that the album titles spell out "weed pot". Free Smoke was released on Christmas Eve 2017 live on YouTube. Fans were able to roll up there recreation legal marijuana and vibe along to the album. Notable tracks are early brambleberry kush, orange crush kush


The HolyThrillMafia released their 3RD mix-tape ATLANTA CITY STREETS in 2018, on Dat Piff records. This body of work put a spotlight on Atlanta's strip clubs, hip-hop life and the rough diamonds embedded into the streets of atlanta. Every song is the address of strip clubs in Atlanta or the establishments twitter handle. This mixtape has been viewed over 1,000 times.

lola spikes nothing
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