MessinaTheProducer gives fans a sneak peek of his new hit record "I'm Lonely" due to drop this Christmas Eve. This record is totally different from any other track and it has a great universal feeling. It's sad but touching.  If you got the chance to hear his latest beats, were you able to wear EAR condoms? If not, you now have herpes. These beats are so sick, that they have caught their own case of a-beat virus. A virus that causes a listener to play the beat over and over, AFTER 1 listens, it's un-curable and very contagious!


PURCHASE your beats below, choose LEASE or EXCLUSIVE and name the beat you want! but be very careful whom you share your music with. The listener could also be affected with herpes.



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MP3 Non-Exclusive

The Beginner

…For the beginner, mixtape artist who is very early in their career.

  • $10.00​

  • INSTANT High-Quality MP3 – 320 kbp

  • Can use on Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation but no monetize.

  • CANNOT use on Paid Streaming Platforms [Spotify, Apple, ect..]

  • Cannot Make Profit [monetize]

  • publisher retains ownership

  • the beat is leased to others

WAV + MP3 + Trackouts EXCLUSIVE

The Professional

…For the slightly more serious artist 

  • $350.00​

  • INSTANT Studio Quality WAV – 24-Bit, 44.1kHz + High-Quality MP3 – 320 kbps

  • 100% Royalty Free

  • 100% Profit [monetize]

  • Sell up to unlimited units or streams

  • Can use on Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Reverbnation etc.

  • Sync Use Allowed

  • publisher shares and promotion

  • FREE Blog Post 

  • Must Credit Producer

  • EXCLUSIVE Contract Provided

  • Beat Not Sold To Anyone Else 


COnfused on how this works?


It's simple!

  1. Listen & Find a BEAT you would like to use 

  2. Press the buy now button

  3. Send a message on [PAY PAL] with the [title] of BEAT you choose, along with E-MAIL Adress

  4. Shipped to your inbox within 1-3hrs. Please allow more time for Exclusive Beats

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